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Toy industry leaders highly experienced with organizing and leading brainstorms, both virtual or in person, to inspire your teams and effectively bring new innovations to market.
Concept sketches, illustrations, renderings, and models from our staff of veteran toy designers to make your vision a reality.
Product development experts in mechanical and electronics engineering. Highly experienced with injection molding, metal fabrication, die casting, programming, chip specs, electronics assembly, and design for manufacturability.
For higher complexity projects we will coordinate with your manufacturers to communicate mechanical design intent, cost reduction ideas, troubleshooting suggestions, and critical quality checkpoints.
Experienced SolidWorks and Keyshot experts ready to take your concept from napkin sketch to implementation, including fully functioning assemblies, advanced surfacing, design for manufacturability, and FEA simulation.
Electronics Lab
Full prototype development with schematic capture and PCB design. Subsequent design for manufacturing and custom PCB layout for through-hole and surface mount solutions. Firmware development for custom usecase implementations.
Complete workshop with milling machine, lathe, welding, woodworking, and 3D printing capability. Can rapidly deliver fully functional prototypes ranging from simple, quick proof of concept, to finalized turnkey tooling models to meet your schedule.
Consumer Insight
Staff pediatrician certified in pediatrics and obesity medicine available for on site focus groups. Highly experienced with research methodologies and
Accurate cost estimates to ensure that your concept meets the desired suggested retail price.
Play Testing
Staff preschool directors available to lead play testing focus groups with very quick lead times.
Media Team
Complete media department to meet your filming and editing needs.
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